About Us

Formula Karting is India’s fastest go karting facility designed to experience the adrenaline of racing whilst meeting the strictest safety requirements. With the goal of developing an inclusive motorsport community, our circuits are paired with paddock hospitality experiences unprecedented in the Indian karting ecosystem.

Formula Karting, is the brainchild of Snow World Entertainment, stands as India's premier go-karting facility, with locations in Noida and Pune. As part of SWE's diverse portfolio, which encompasses luxury, gaming, entertainment, dining, and nightlife, Formula Karting redefines the Indian motorsports experience. Our tracks, designed with global circuit finesse, feature state-of-the-art SodiKarts powered by Honda engines, offering an immersive and thrilling adventure for fans, enthusiasts, and adults alike.

Crash barriers

Mandatory safety briefing

Automatic safety transponders

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Kart Specifications


With the new patented EASY DRIVE ® technology, the RT10 offers an unequalled driving comfort.
Designed by the R&D teams at SodiKart, this evolution is the result of 40 years of experience and offers new sensations. Precision in the turns, steering comfort and pleasure are the key factors of this innovation which will change the experience of both amateur and experienced riders.
With its new adjustable pedals designed for rider comfort, its patented integral slide protections, its new seat adjustment system, its gimbal steering and many other innovations, the SODI RT10 also combines pleasure and comfort with safety.
A new integral bodywork and a new F1-style nassau panel complete the technological innovations. This innovative bodywork facilitates the maintenance of the kart thanks to its numerous removable bodywork parts.
The new SODI RT10 can be personalised thanks to the two available nassau panel and offers the possibility of removing the front mudguards for a more sporting look.


The Sodi RT8 features the latest technology stemming from 30 years of unrivaled experience on the part of Sodikart’s Research and Development department. The SODI RT8 offers high speeds, perfect handling and with the added power from the 200cc Honda Engines you really experience a fast and furious race.The kart gives a fantastic performance at a decent speed making this your perfect companion for Arrive & Drive sessions.
Fitted with a heavy duty plastic wrap around bumper system, this makes each kart as safe as possible and eliminates the chance of a kart to flip. Side pods are in place to absorb impact from contact with safety barriers or karts.


Our go-karting facility is tailored for a diverse audience, offering thrilling experiences from the young to corporate enthusiasts. Join us for challenging yet exhilarating go-karting sessions


15-20 years

Enabling the younger audience to drive a petrol-powered car for the first time in a competitive racing format.

Motor Sport

For the progressive racing fans who get their current weekend adrenaline from watching motorsport.

Thrill Seekers

20-35 years

The pure adventure junkie, who likes living life on the edge experiencing newer ways of entertainment to satiate their hunger for excitement.

Fortune 500

Competitive corporate tournaments for the entrepreneurial & multinational corporates;giving them a fast-paced reason to unwind.